Ellington Ratliff
Full Name

Ellington Ratliff


April 14, 1993


Actor, Musician

Years Active

2001 - Present







Ellington Ratliff is an American actor, singer, and musician part of the band R5. He plays with his band R5 and with Riker, Rydel, Ross, Rocky. 

Ellinton Rattiff'sEdit

Ratliff's real first name is Ellington, but his band mates quickly nominated him to be known as "Ratliff" so he could complete the band and still have an "R" name, thus keeping the R5 name intact. Ratliff is definitely the relaxed, comic relief of the band, never getting too worked up about anything, which is a great contributing factor to the bands success.

But the real benefit of having Ratliff around is his amazing drum skills. R5 was not really a band until he showed up and then it was like magic, with everything coming together with the sound of those drums. Ellington is also an impressive SAG actor, with a long resume of TV and movie credits and has also been seen dancing with the other members of R5 on many shows, like So You Think You Can Dance.

Most people think ever one in the band are brother and sister.Put he is not a sibling. He is thier best friend.


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  • His favorite color is dark green.
  • Ratliff has a wikia account check it out in the comments "RatliffR5"


  • He appeared in the pilot episode of ' Victorious'.
  • Ellington plays the drums.
  • He is known for being quite the sarcastic and funny one. 
  • He once wore a penguin costume on stage.

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