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R5 is a sibling family band. Except for Ellington Ratliff. They all grew up with him and they not only consider him as a best friend but like a brother. The band are all close. What also makes it special is that there is only one girl throughout this process. Rydel Mary Lynch, Sister of Rocky lynch, Ross Lynch, Riker lynch, Ryland lynch (Manager/Sibling) And best friend to Ellington "Ratliff".
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  • that Rydel will be singing at least one song on their next tour?
  • that both Riker and Ross have appeared in the Ordinary Girl music video?
  • that Ellington has been the only member of the band to not lend backing vocals in any of their videos/songs/tours?
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Ratliff's real first name is Ellington, but his band mates quickly nominated him to be known as "Ratliff" so he could complete the band and still have an "R" name, thus keeping the R5 name intact. Ratliff is definitely the relaxed, comic relief of the band, never getting too worked up about anything, which is a great contributing factor to the bands success. Read More...
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