aka Tori

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in a trashcan
  • I was born on January 30
  • My occupation is being ultimate trash
  • I am currently throwing myself into the sun
  • CabeSQUADer
    • 8:52 Auslly~Bobbie~Music THE PARTY DONT START TILL I WALK IN!
    • 8:52 Peacelove100 *dancing*
    • 8:52 Auslly~Bobbie~Music *Slowly walks*
    • Not in yet*
    • Still slowly walking*
    • Puts one foot on the inside floor and freezes*..................WHOOOOOOOOO! *Walks in*
    • 8:53 Foreverauslly2011 *Wearing PJs holding a R5 teddy bear, wearing a singed R5 pink pick neklace*
    • 8:53 Rossome:) *grabs sleeping bag, life size ROSS figure, and a nightlight* IM HERE YOOOOO..OMG I FORGOT MAH BLANKIE...*runs to get it* HEY FOREVER21!!
    • 8:53 Foreverauslly2011 HEY ROSSAY TIGER!
    • 8:54 Rossome:) *runs to forevers kitchen* WHERE'S DA POPCORN?
    • 8:54 Peacelove100 *grabs sleeping bag, bobbie's playbook, ipod* Heyyyyyyy
    • 8:54 Foreverauslly2011 *Puts …
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